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About ISAKx Short Courses

After launching our core ISAKx program in 2020, we knew we found something special and our unique approach to education was reaching new audiences.

In Spring 2021, we launched a new short course program and are thrilled to take that program one step further by introducing the 2021 ISAKx Summer Online Course. As with everything ISAKx, this program will be entirely online, but the focus will be on acquiring English language skills, while learning about leadership and design thinking!

Our short program will be run by faculty from UWC ISAK Japan and will feature activities and discussions designed to stretch and challenge participants studying English.

The expected minimum English level is EIKEN Pre-2 equivalent. Participants will receive support and guidance in using English so they can get the most out of each workshop.

ISAKx Summer Online Course Highlights

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  • English language learning support. English materials will be translated into Japanese to help you understand the concepts.
  • Introduction to Design Thinking (DT) - Use the Design Thinking framework to identify challenges in your immediate community, ideate solutions, and create prototypes that are uniquely yours.
  • Introduction to Leadership - Learn about what you value and how you can practice leadership in your life.

ISAKx Summer Online Course Details

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  • DATES: August 7, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15, 21
  • WORKSHOP TIMES: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Japan time
  • TUITION: ¥89,000
  • APPLICATION PERIOD: When we reach capacity or until July 25th
  • AGE ELIGIBILITY: Students in Grade 7, 8, 9, and 10

How to Apply

The ISAKx Summer Online Course application is now closed. Please contact the ISAKx Summer Online Course team if you have a related inquiry at

ISAKx Summer Online Courseとは

UWC ISAK Japan(以下、ISAK)では、オンラインによる夏期短期プログラム「ISAKx Summer Online Course(以下、本プログラム)を2021年8月に開催することになりました!本プログラムでは中学生・高校1年生に向け、英語を習うのではなく、英語を使ってリーダーシップやデザイン思考について理解を深めるユニークな体験を提供します。





  • 日程・時間:8月7・8・10・11・14・15・21日 各90分(19:00~20:30)×7日
  • 対象:中学1年生~高校1年生
  • 受講形態:オンライン参加形式(zoom)
  • 科目:リーダーシップ、システム思考
  • 内容:上記開催日に応じ、各テーマにもとづいた英語によるディスカッションを中心としたクラス。
  • 受講言語:英語
  • 参加要件: 英検準2級程度の英語力および英語でのディスカッションに積極的に参加する意欲があること
  • 定員:30名 (最少催行人数18名)
  • 学費:89,000円 (税込)
  • お申込期限:2021年7月25日(日)先着順のため期限より早く締め切る場合があります



John Dewey

“ Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. ”

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