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The ISAKx certificate program currently features courses in Exploring Leadership and Politics & Society. Both courses are conducted simultaneously and are not offered as independent courses.


Exploring Leadership

Exploring Leadership will introduce key skills and concepts that help you nurture your own practice of leadership, regardless of position or status, in a changing world. Each weekly lesson focuses on an important question that will guide our discussions and activities, and creative exercises together. The course will follow four themes—observation, inquiry, creativity, and action—and will explore how they relate to leading yourself and leading others. The convergence of diverse cultures, perspectives and curiosity will create an entirely unique learning experience that will help you become a better problem solver and leader in your community and the world.


Society & Politics

Society & Politics will explore the concept of power and learn the skills to analyse current affairs and begin engaging with politics in society. Politics is the study of power, and there are different types of power and different individuals and groups in society that use power differently. The course will revolve around four themes - Society and the State, Peace and Conflict, Rights and Responsibilities, and Welfare and Development. The course challenges students to engage with current affairs in their own societies and practice the skills necessary to be a political actor.

John Dewey

“ Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. ”

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