Frequently Asked Questions


Is financial aid available?

We are pleased to offer a limited amount of financial assistance (for both full and partial FA) to successful applicants. We hope this support will allow us to welcome more students from around the globe and also ensure that we embrace diversity in our student body. However, applicants interested in financial assistance must submit the financial assistance application form before the deadline of application forms.

Is there an application fee?

There is no application fee

What are your payment and cancellation policies?

If you cancel before October 11, ISAKx will refund the remaining sessions' fee*. However, the registration fee (14,000 JPY) is non-refundable.

*Program fee is 14,000 JPY per session (week). Bank transfer fees are not included in this amount. Please burden this at your expense.

How do we pay for the program fee?

Bank transfer or money transfer via Western Union will be available.

Is this only for Japanese students?

No. ISAKx is open to students from around the world.

How much English is required to apply for this online course?

Classes will be held in English so language ability will be considered, but even more importantly, ISAKx students should be passionate, curious, creative, and willing to engage. In previous editions, ISAKx students have enjoyed the opportunity to gain more confidence in their English speaking ability.

Will an equal number of applicants be accepted for each grade?

We have not set a specific number of students to be accepted for each grade level. However, in order to diversify the ages of students, we will try to achieve a balance between the grade levels.

Is there a limit to the number of students who are accepted from a specific country/Time zone?

There is no limit for the number of students accepted from a specific country or time zone. The program will accept students based on their individual qualities, as well as the overall diversity of the student body.

Are there interviews?

There are no formal interviews, but we do use a video assignment as part of the application to screen applicants.

I applied to UWC ISAK Japan but was not accepted. Can I apply to ISAKx?

Yes! ISAKx courses are independent of UWC ISAK Japan's high school and summer school programs.

What is eligibility for ISAKx programs?

For ISAKx Core Courses, 14-16 years olds (as of August 1st, 2021) are eligible. For the ISAKx Online Summer Program, Grade 7-10 students are eligible.

Will there be live sessions during the course?

Live participation is a key part of the ISAKx experience and we expect students to join our classes as they happen. However, recordings of each class will also be made available.

Will there be make-up class sessions if I miss a class?

Unfortunately, we will not offer make-up classes, since we would like to ensure a small and intimate class size that enables interactive discussion. Students should plan to attend all sessions, but in case you miss a class, please catch up by viewing the recordings of each class that will be made available.

Is this going to be taught by teachers from UWC ISAK Japan?

Our teachers are former UWC ISAK Japan high school and summer school teaching faculty.

Will the classes be divided by age?

Each ISAKx class will be composed of a mix of ages and nationalities.

Can I register for both course tracks A & B simultaneously? 

Each track contains 2 courses so registering for both tracks means 4 total courses and will require a commitment of 3 hours each weekend (90-minutes + 90-minutes). While there is no restriction on applying to take both tracks simultaneously, students in this category will need to commit to attend both a morning session and an evening session to avoid scheduling conflicts.

How is this online course different from UWC ISAK Japan's Summer School program?

ISAKx is conducted entirely online and focuses on in-class engagement, and happens throughout the year.

Is this part of UWC ISAK Japan's high school program?

No. ISAKx is completely separate from UWC ISAK Japan’s high school program.

Will ISAKx certification help me get into UWC ISAK Japan?

ISAKx is independent from UWC ISAK Japan’s high school admissions process. However, we expect ISAKx certification to be a strong indicator for potential high school or university applications.

Is this a UWC short course?

No. ISAKx is not an official UWC short course. ISAKx is an independent online education initiative supported by UWC ISAK Japan.

Will my teachers at ISAKx write recommendation letters for my high school and/or college placement applications if requested?

Yes, we may consider writing a recommendation letter depending on student' active participation and contribution to her/his class.

What kind of devices do I need in order to take this course?

You will need access to a reliable internet connection and a computer with a webcam, a microphone, and sound (speakers or earphones). A laptop computer would be ideal, but a smartphone may be all you need.

During the classes, we strongly recommend planning to turn on the video camera to help facilitate interactions with your instructors and classmates.

What kind of online tool do we use?

We will use “Zoom” and “Google Classroom” for our program. All students will be required to have a gmail account.


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