About Us

“Our approach to education will keep you fascinated in the process of learning and give you critical thinking and leadership skills that will set you apart”

ISAKx is a new online education initiative by UWC ISAK Japan. Our vision is to introduce the “ISAK” method of critical thinking and diverse international classrooms to an audience that isn’t otherwise able to physically experience living and learning at UWC ISAK Japan.

Rod Jemison, Director

Why Choose Us

Our Team

Our teachers bring an incredible depth of skills gained from years of experience as IB-certified educators, entrepreneurs, environmental experts, and aerospace professionals.

Our Method

ISAKx focuses on engaging and dynamic classroom discussions that leverage international student diversity. Students will learn to reflect on themselves, identify their unique leadership skills, and to look at the world through different lenses that will broaden their perspectives.

Our Courses

Our four courses (Exploring Leadership / Society & Politics / Science, Progress & Society / Climate Change & Biodiversity) focus on teaching practical critical thinking skills and strategies with immediate real-world applicability.



Students can choose between the following course tracks. Each track contains 2 courses.

(Sundays at 10AM or 4PM (JST))
- Exploring Leadership
- Society & Politics

(Sundays at 9AM or 6PM (JST))
- Science, Progress & Society
- Climate Change and Biodiversity

Class Schedule:

Students will attend one 90-minute class each weekend.


September 26, 2021 through April 17, 2022
(Two 12-week semesters totaling 24 weeks of classes)

Student Body:

Each track is open to a maximum of 60 students, which will be divided into 4 classes of 15 students each. The total student body across both tracks will be a maximum of 120 students.

Please note that ISAKx Core Course requires a minimum of 30 participants per track. If we are unable to secure 30 enrolments, full refunds will be made.



Program Fee:


Per 2 course track

Financial Assistance Available

We offer a limited amount of financial assistance to qualified applications (for both full and partial FA)!

After submitting your application form, please contact us at info@isakx.com to request financial assistance.

We hope this support will allow us to welcome more students from around the globe and also ensure that we embrace diversity in our student body. 

Age Eligibility:

14 to 16 years old as of August 1, 2021

Requirements to Apply:

Classes will be held in English so language ability will be considered, but even more importantly, ISAKx students should be passionate, curious, creative, and willing to engage.

John Dewey

“ Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. ”

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